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Friday, 13 July 2012

DemoReel test renders

Hey everyone So I got off my slack ass and decided to start making my first showreel (not including the piece of rubbish I created when finishing university...) Here is an example of the different materials which will be applied to each model as it slowly rotates in the scene. Not all models have textures though so they will work a bit differently. (CLICK TO MAKE BIGGER)
Now time to start the never ending rendering... I made some rough calculations on how long some of this is going to take to render and some of the figures I got was 9 days for one model, each one will be different though depending on size and detail. Anyway, will hopfully have the final up and running in the near future. Cheers for looking Tom

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Hotrod - WIP

Hey everyone So the last few days inbewteen my freelance work I have been making a hotrod based off a sketch done by Mike Hill.
The model is almost complete, just need to ajust the model a bit more, add a few more parts and add some more textures to the rims and other areas. Here is a breakdown of renders.
Hopfully I will post the final render when its done. Tom Newbury