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Monday, 22 February 2016

Tutorial: Texturing and Look Dev for Production

Hey guys!

I finally finished my latest tutorial, Texturing and Look Dev for Production.

In this tutorial I go through in detail my process of texturing and shading an asset for a production environment.

If you are interested, find out more through this link:

I hope you guys enjoy it and learn something new!

Here is my finished Orc piece, which inspired the creation of the tutorial, and still renders of the final helmet asset, generated in the tutorial series.

Thursday, 11 February 2016

Orc Update

Just an update of my orc piece.

This is just a crop of the final image.
Just need to make a few more touch ups and then onto some tutorials to explain my process and workflow ;)

Also thought I would throw in some detail shots.

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Orc Bust WIP

So I have been working on the orc bust consistently for the last couple of months in my free time (which is only a couple of hours a day) to try and get this character across the line. You might recognize this guy from about a year ago in my blog. I ended up opening the zbrush file just to grab a piece of armor and then started reworking the form and armor to the point where I thought I should finally take it to a final piece.

Still working on the background for now, but here is a render of where the orc is at, along with a few WIP renders from along the way.

Hopefully I can get this one across the line for good!