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Wednesday, 8 October 2014

UV mapping tutorial - Maya 2015

Hey everyone

I quickly put together this video tutorial explaining how I do UV unwrapping in Maya 2015. It's a pretty quick gloss over but I think I mention the key points.


Thursday, 2 October 2014

Lost Boy: Interpretation

Hey everyone!

Been busy on a couple of personal projects and I have finally wrapped one of them up. A week or so ago I saw a drawing done by Ash Thorp, for his collection of 'Lost Boy' drawings and it instantly got my imagination running. I imagined a style in which it could be recreated in CG. The final product is very close to my first mental interpretation of the piece.

My original idea was to stay consistent with the high contrast and lack of colour on the subject in Ash's drawing. So I decided to make all of the geometry 50% grey apart from the lights in the visor. I would then have the lighting and the environment driving the colour to the point that you don't realize that the model is completely grey. This not only adds the original contrast coming from the lighting but also the contrast between the neon coloured lights and the grey geo.

This was a great piece to work on!
Thanks Ash Thorp for the inspiration!

The original drawing by Ash Thorp

Here are some screen shots within zbrush of the model before lighting and rendering.