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Sunday, 6 December 2015


Hey peeps!

Long time no blogging.
Anyway, the blu-ray of Ant-Man came out a couple of days ago, and that means that I can legally share some of the shots I worked on.

I got to do more assets and look dev on this film than I have any other film before it. I even got to throw in a 'easter egg', see if you can pick it up.

So here goes!

The water pipe sequence was my biggest asset on the whole film. It was a process that went for about 2 months.

It was my responsibility to help design, model, sculpt, UV, texture and lookdev the whole asset for the sequence. This was a fantastic experience to solely take on an asset for such a big sequence in the film. The water simulation, ants and antman, animation, lighting and composting was done by other amazingly talented artists at Luma Pictures. Once the asset was completed, I then measured it out in real world length at Ant-Man's scale and it came to 2.2km long. Because of this the texture resolution through most of the pipe had to be very high. In the end we had around 70 UDIM maps for the whole asset.

Easter Egg: I managed to sneak my last name into the second image down!

Early on in development I also got to model out the air vent. I really wanted to do the look dev on this asset as well, but my time was all tied up in the water pipes.

The final major asset I worked on for the film was this one below. I did the modeling and the first pass of lookdev for this asset. I really like how these shots turned out.


  1. That looks dope, sir.

    Big fan of your work btw. Try to keep your blog up to date because it's really inspirational.

    Ha, and btw, i got all your training videos, now i want new onesssssssss :)

    Have a merry christmas sir.


  2. Awesome stuff Tom! I just read Cinefex's write-up on the movie and the visual FX are outstanding. Thanks for sharing your work! BTW, your rock tutorial on YouTube saved me today.

    Thanks again,

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